No other organization can deliver a solution that is so easy to install, so easy to use, and so application flexible at such a low cost!

Custom Alerts

Real Time Measurements

Stand Alone System

No Need to Integrate with the ERP System

Automatic Updates

No Utility Requirements

Lifetime Support

No Facility Modifications Requirements

Industrial Metric

An innovative, Patent Pending Real Time Activity Monitoring System for Production and Warehouse Operations.

Industrial Metric provides you with actionable information, not just data for you to analyze after the fact.

Increase Profits – Continuous Monitoring – Email of Text Notifications – Stand Alone – and Correct Problems Before it’s too Late 

The system monitors operating rates and immediately sends out a notification when the operating rate falls outside of predetermined operating limits.

This allows operating management to take corrective action on a timely basis. The system is flexible in how the notification is sent out.  Available options are warning lights, emails and text messages.

Customers are reporting…..

Productivity improvements over 30%, with some turnarounds as quickly as a few hours, and countless savings from avoiding shutdowns during critical production periods.

The Industrial Metric team is a dedicated veteran run USA based business of experienced developers who develop and write well…..

We know that we are in an ever-evolving market, so our infrastructure is built to support change and expansion.  The database and the…..

The Industrial Metric staff has been in manufacturing analytics since 1972 as the Facilities Planning Services LLC. In 2002 the digital element of this…. 

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Industrial Metric
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