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In the world of ever expanding manufacturing technology it is increasingly possible to monitor and control production rates in real time, before it is too late to correct a problem. Industrial Metric has developed a revolutionary patent pending technology to allow manufacturers the ability to receive actionable information about the production process before it is too late. This prompt reaction time provides significant increases in productivity and profitability.

Currently, most productivity systems rely on collecting production data then reporting results and trends for analysis after the fact. This provides great data for meetings and analysis, but only after production is lost. Even real time production floor displays that have been used for decades, have consistently fallen short of expectations. Industrial Metric’s breakthrough technology monitors operations real time and provides notification to supervisors and managers as soon as production starts to vary from the plan. In effect, it predicts when problems will affect production and provides the information in time to make corrections and maintain the schedule. Just imagine the profits that can be generated through this predictive analysis if utilization is able to be increased by just a few percentage points. This breakthrough technology allows companies to get ever closer to the ideal of 100% utilization and efficiency.

Industrial Metric has a customized scaled notification system designed to notify the right people at the right time when the operation is starting to deviate from the plan. The customer can define the degrees of variance and who should be notified. These notifications can be based on degree of variance or the amount of time the variance continues. For example, the supervisor is notified as soon as a variance is detected. If the variance gets to a degree or lasts too long a next level of management can be notified. It is important to note that notifications are triggered within a fraction of a second after the anomaly occurs. This ability focuses attention on issues as they are happening, not after the fact.

The end user can also define how the notifications can be delivered. Text messages, email, and pager support is standard with the system. Warning lights, alarms, and message board notifications are possible. Through this technology, the alerts are not location dependent, they can be delivered to the right person regardless of that person’s location. Again, the customer defines the degree most appropriate to the operation.

The system is fully self-contained and does not require any facility modification of special connections. It is also independent from the internal IT system to ensure both ease of installation and data security. There are no special power drops, internet connections or phone requirements. The Industrial Metric system provides everything required within the monitoring system.

Industrial Metric’s technology has been well tested with outstanding reported results from the customers who have implemented the system. The self-contained nature of the system provides for secure data capture and dissemination as well as flawless performance.

Remember, the Internet of Things is making everything more connected and reliant on timely action. A small delay at one operation can have huge ramifications on the overall supply chain structure. We are all increasingly interconnected and reliant on the performance of every element of the system.

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