Client Testimonials

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Industrial Metric’s technology has been well tested with outstanding reported results from the customers who have implemented our system.

Plant Manager
Eastern US Consumer Products Company  

“Industrial Metric has put us on the path to realize millions of dollars in savings this year alone…an outstanding service.

Manufacturing Operations Mgr.
Domestic Bearing Manufacturer

“ The Industrial Metric technology is like having an IE at the machine 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.“

VP Operations
Mid-Atlantic Region Automotive Component Manufacturer 

“Hey Lin, I hope all is well. Busy as ever here, but we have had two record months in a row for profit, efficiency, and utilization. (includes quality and delivery) Nice not to be the black sheep of the organization any more. There is a lot we have done to do this, but its no coincidence IndustrialMetric showed up and helped us turn the corner. Killer tool, let me know before you guys go public. Thanks a bunch. Talk to you later.”

Plant Manager
South Carolina Automotive Component Manufacturer

“Thank you for your valued support! I use your system all day long!

Production Engineering Manager
Eastern US Automotive Components Manufacturer 

“Within 2 weeks of our evaluation of Industrial Metric we realized that our return on investment for this service would be measured in weeks. I highly recommend it”

Manufacturing Operations Mgr.
Domestic Bearing Manufacturer

“Just in case you thought our Management might not be taking advantage of the system. Not a day goes by that I do not get some comment on some process.

Plant Manager
North Carolina Automotive Component Manufacturer  

“Excellent results today. Lot’s of Green on the Industrial Metric report. Importance: High

Director & Six Sigma Instructor
Eastern State University

“One of the biggest obstacles manufacturers face in improving processes is getting accurate, timely, and actionable data. The Industrial Metric Device has made getting that data a lot simpler.”